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This is a letter of recommendation for Mr. Leon Pham.

During his tenure, Mr. Pham has been reliable and effective at managing the properties.
He does this with a combination of effectiveness, knowledge and passion for what he does. He ensures that as soon as there is a vacancy, there is another tenant, so as to not disrupt the cash flow. He chooses tenants in a very cautious fashion, and his scrutiny has paid off. On the rare occasions that problems have arisen, Mr. Pham and his staff were quick to assist me and to provide advice as to how to solve the problem, whether large or small.

Mr. Pham has a cadre of professionals and handymen to deal with any emergency. Needless to say, a great plus for the owners! I would recommend Mr. Pham to anybody wishing to hire a property manager. Your properties will always be occupied and your headaches will disappear.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

– Maria S.
Trust & Estate Administration

“From the day that I need property management services, Mr. Leon Pham is the first person l contacted. He took time to explain to me regarding information I needed to know about and how can! follow through to use their services smoothly by law. Their services are the best that I have known.

Therefore, after a few months that I started with them, I recommend my brother for the services they provided and he has also used the services since then. Mr. Pham is always on the spot when I need help. He is reliable, dependable, a good communicator.

He returned the emails promptly as well as helping to solve the problem quickly within my preference. He gave suggestion when needed and small problems are solved within hours and big problems are solved within a few days which make me satisfied their services. His service is the best that I’ve known. He really did the perfect job.

I confirm that Mr. Leon Pham to be a valuable property manager, who consistently achieved good results and delivers all expectations.”

– Noreen S.

“They are very communicative through the whole process and provide you with advice about your best options as a tenant or as a landlord. They know the market and the law very well and are very professional about their services. I would use them again without thinking it twice. Thank you very much for your services.”

– Mauricio R

“I like the way you handle situations. You always get to the point right away. I appreciate the way you provide me with suggestions from your experience. They help me to reach my decision quickly.

I would also like to thank you for your patient when an event requires you to explain the details, you don’t mind spending extra time with me. When you share information with me like that, it increase my confident level of making judgement call,

Please continue your support and we appreciate it.”

– Pamela H.

“Your service was exceptional and always straight forward. I felt confident having you represent me in the last 8 years.”

– Michael B.

“Extremely helpful in walking me through the rental process. Very business~like and well organized.”

– Linda K

“Your service make my house renting easy. No worry, you taking care everything. Thank you.”

– Maung S.

“All of the staff are very helpful, very professional answers all phone calls gives an update and return call. Highly recommendable.”

– Dan M.

“Awesome, very attentive and courteous. Very professional on all levels.”

– Alfredo C.

“The best ever!!! Thank you Leon!!!”

– Shing C.